Live Taos Plaza Cam

Welcome to our Live Taos Plaza Cam!

Taos Plaza is the Heart of Taos. This is the center of the Taos Historic District where locals gather for Taos Plaza Live concerts, May through October and visitors enjoy the shops and galleries that surround the Plaza all year long.

Check out what’s going on right now at the Taos Plaza!

28 thoughts on “Live Taos Plaza Cam”

  1. Love Taos and the whole area! Friends live in one of your wonderful earthship homes on the other side of the Gorge.
    For me the winters are a little to much at 70 years of age. But for the young and the healthy this is the place to be in the summer and maybe all year round!

    1. I lived in Taos from about age 58 to age 63 or 64. The main thing about the winters is that they are so long – about 7 to 7 1/2 months long. The severity varies. You will have your -24 degree mornings, but the sun chases that away quickly.

  2. The Taos Plaza webcam, which we enjoy immensely, will no longer expand to full screen. Please try to get it working for us Texans that spend every away time we get in Taos and always go to Made in New Mexico shop, and use your efficient mail order system . Thank you and we will be there Christmas !!!!

    1. Thank you, Jonathan. We always count on you get these issues fixed! With the heat there, this is the first time I haven’t wished I was back in Taos.

  3. Honeymooned at the Taos Inn 52 years ago labor day weekend. Had lunch at the Inn a couple of weeks ago. Great memories. I paid $14.50 a night for the rooms in the back.
    I guess they are about 125 now.

  4. How funny so many from Texas are watching. I live in southeast Texas and will be meeting family in Taos for Christmas. I will be watching up until we leave…..watching for snow!!!!

  5. Hi I am from taos originally and find myself mesmerized with the warm fuzzy feeling when I watch the live cam. I can get it on my lap toop but not my iPhone. Any suggestions?

  6. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for putting up the webcam. We live in So Cal and we were just there last weekend. We miss it so much. Thanks to you we can enjoy the beauty of the lights, snow and people!!!

  7. Love our little town of Taos New Mexico. my roots go back to 1965 as a little Gringo Paco all the way to 2017! thank you God for this little bit of Heaven. 🙂 Merry Christmas and a Happy New To you all and to Paddy Mac for all the great Music!!

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