New Mexico Chili Seeds: 3-Pack

New Mexico Chili Seeds: 3-Pack

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  • Grow your own New Mexico Chile Peppers! 
  • Includes 3 seed packets: Big Jim, Joe E. Parker and Chimayo varieties. Scroll down below for more information.
  • These seeds are Non-GMO.
  • Please read the growing information below.
  • Each packet contains about 30 seeds.
  • Planting instructions included.
  • From Made in New Mexico. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Ships Next Business Day
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New Mexico Chili Seeds: 3-Pack

NuMex Heritage Big Jim Capsicum annuum (80 days) Improved NuMex variety with distinctive New Mexico chile flavor and medium hot pungency. These seeds are Non-GMO. Large 9” pods have thick flesh and are moderately flat. The thick flat pods make these ideal for plate-size chile relleños stuffed with cheese or meat. Non GMO.  The original NuMex Big Jim variety was known for its inconsistent pungency on the same plant. The heat level would vary from the top of the plant to the bottom. Peppers on the lower branches would be hotter than the peppers just above them.  This new heritage variety has more flavor, better yields and produces a larger crop over the growing season. The heat level of the chiles is more consistent.  Start seeds indoors 6 weeks prior to soil warming to 55°F. Transplant seedlings into rich well-draining soil 24” apart. Seeds can also be planted directly outside after soil warms. Harvest chiles when they are green and firm orleave them on plant to mature to red.  Heat level: Medium Heat Scoville 2000 to 4000, Packet contains 30 seeds.

NuMex Joe E. Parker Capsicum annuum (80 days) Large 8” chiles have excellent flavor with thick flesh. These seeds are Non-GMO. This pepper turns from green to red quickly and has incredible production after the initial harvest. The great taste of this chile and its consistant heat level make it a favorite in New Mexico restaurants. Non GMO.  This variety is an improved version of New Mexico 6-4 chosen by grower, Joe E. Parker and produced for gardener use in 1990. It has thicker walls, more flesh, and is longer than earlier versions. This makes it an ideal chile for stuffing (chile relleños), grilling and roasting. Found in fresh markets as ‘Hatch Medium’.  Start seeds indoors 6 weeks prior to soil warming to 55°F. Then transplant seedlings into rich well- draining soil 24” apart. Seeds can be planted directly outside after soil warms. Harvest chiles when they are green and firm or leave on plant until mature and red.  Heat level: Medium Scoville 2000 to 4000, Packet contains 30 seeds.

Chimayó Capsicum annuum (75) days to maturity. Chimayó chiles are unpredictable. These seeds are Non-GMO. A single plant might produce some chiles as long as six or seven inches and many more that are shorter; a few might be straight and skinny, and some will be bent oddly into curlicues. Delicious flavor. Chimayó chiles make great red chile sauce. It tastes sweet and then hot.  This open-pollinated chile will cross-pollinate with any other variety of Capsicum annuum. This has led to problems in preserving the unique genetic landrace identity of the Chimayó.  Start seeds indoors 6 weeks prior to transplanting outside. Grows best when night temps are above 60 °F. Soil needs to be well-draining, and keep on the dry side when the fruit has formed. Harvest chiles when they are green and firm or leave on the plant until they turn red. Non GMO.  Heat Level: Medium Hot Scoville 4000 to 6000, Packet contains 30 seeds.

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