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Smudging Supplies
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Learn to "smudge" your house!

We have everything you need for a smudging ceremony: Sage, sweetgrass, cedar & more

For millennia, the burning of herbs for emotional, psychic, and spiritual purification has been common among many native, religious, healing, and spiritual groups. Known as "smudging" or "sage smudging," it is commonly associated with Native American ceremonies, where the smudging ritual can be defined as "spiritual house cleaning." Smoke from the smoldering sage smudge sticks is believed to attach itself to the negative energy or spirits in the home and carry it away.
  • Our smudging products are harvested in a ceremonial and non-destructive manner to preserve their positive healing qualities
  • Choose from sweetgrass or sage, sage with lavender, sage with cedar, pinon and sage, and more
  • We also feature complete smudging kits, and a popular book on smudging
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Sage Smudge Sticks
Sage & Pinon, Sage & Lavender, Sage & Cedar, Desert Sage, and White Sage.
From $7.49
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Complete Smudging Kit
EVERYTHING you need: Sage, burning shell, fanning feather & our bestselling how-to guide!
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High Desert Smudge Assortment
Four assorted mini-smudges in an abalone burning shell.
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14" Braided Sweetgrass
Burn sweetgrass after sage to attract even more good spirits and positive energy.
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Sacred Sage: How it Heals
A must-read for anyone interested in performing the sage smudging ceremony.
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