Welcome to Holiday Gift Registry for "Made In New Mexico".

How often do you wish to get the right present for the Holidays, that little something that is just for your or specifically with you in mind? Whether you are a “Senor Murphy Dark Chocolate Chile Pistachio Bar” lover or secretly hoping to get that “Los Poblanos Lavender Spa Gift Set”, nobody can read your mind.  How many people would guess you’ve been wanting to be a “Monthly Salsa Club” member for a while now?  I bet not too many. And unless you specifically request what you want, your holiday guests will never know.  

On another hand, how many times have you wondered what to send the host as a Thank You for the wonderful Thanksgiving dinner you just had, or what to get your mom for Holidays.  Well, you don’t have to guess anymore, we took the mystery out of holiday shopping and we are presenting you with a much better solution.

We here at Made In New Mexico want to make this year holiday season much better for you.  No need to be frustrated anymore. Get the gifts you really want.  Send the gifts they really want.

This year, to enhance your shopping experience, we’ve created a Holiday Gift Registry where you can select anything from our website and save it to your personal shopping account.  Once your list is ready, all you need to do is share it with your friends and family and let them shop for you.  

Take the guessing out of your holidays.  Create a list of all your favorite items, whether it is food, clothing, bath and body, candles, home furnishings and decor, jewelry, native american art, you name it...we have it all.  

For all your New Mexico culture lovers, we are your one stop holiday shopping place.  Choose from hundreds of items, create a list, send it out and let them shop for you.  

Yes, it is that simple and here is how it works: 

1. Create a Gift Registry

First you need to create an account.  On the top section of our website, in the header, you'll find a button: Holiday Gift Registry.  

Once you mouse-over it will unfold and you'll see three choices:

  • The first choice is to find a gift registry either by name or registry number.

  • The second is to create a gift registry.  

  • The third one is to view gift registry.

Assuming you don’t have any gift registry yet, you will click Create a Gift Registry button to create your FREE Holiday Gift Registry.


Find a Gift Registry

2. Create your Gift Registry Account

This will take you to a page where you need to set up your account.  If you are already Made In New Mexico account holder, all you need to do is login.  If you are a new customer, you will need to create an account.  


Login or Create an Account


Once you are in your account, click My Gift Registry button on the menu on the left. Now you'll be able to see your brand new Gift Registry.

 Gift Registry Page

To make your Holiday Gift Registry even better, click on the Registry Information button and fill in all additional details to complete your profile information.  


Registry Information


At this point you are ready to start selecting your items from our Product section on our website.


3. Create your gift item list

Now, let the fun begin.  Start shopping for yourself.  Go back to the Product section of our site and start shopping. Once you find the items you like click Add to Registry button and the item will be automatically added to your registry list.

Gift Item


Once your list is ready, you've selected and placed all your products in the gift registry, it is time to share the list with your friends and loved once.


4. Share your gift registry with your friends and loved ones

At this point, all you need to do is to go to Tell About Your Registry button, enter everyone's email address and click Send!

Gift Registry

The email recipients will receive email like this:


I thought you might like to know that I have created a Gift Registry at http://www.madeinnewmexico.com/.
You can find it at here by searching for my name or for my Registry ID: QFX3YINU51QZ.
You can also access my registry by this link: http://www.madeinnewmexico.com/webtexgiftregistry/index/registry/id/QFX3YINU51QZ/ 



Your Registry link and Registry Id, can be found on your Registry Information page



And that's it, it is really that simple.  


At this point all your selected contacts received your list with all the desired items and they can go shopping for you on our website.


5. How to shop for Gift Registry

To shop for Holiday Gift Registry, first you need to find the registry by looking up your list by either name or registry number.  

Find a Gift Registry


Once you see the list of items, choose what you would like to purchase and click Add to Cart button.  Once you select all the items you chose to buy for your Registrar, click the View your Cart button and

  • Apply discount coupon code if you have one,

  • Write a gift messages if you wish,

  • Ask for holiday gift wrapping (at extra charge)


6. How to view your Gift Registry

At any time you can login to your account and view the status of your registry by clicking View My Registry button. 

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